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PC-REACH Changelog
Below is a list of recent revisions to the PC-REACH software.  Please refer to this often to stay current with the changes and bigfixes that occur.

 Version  Date  Description
 8.34  08/14/14
  • Modify Correct Reversing File feature when Prenotes are present - up to the '*'.
 8.33  05/13/14
  • Modify Returns Import Module to allow entering a "wildcard" (asterisk) in Company ID. All companies are imported that match - up to the '*'.
 8.32  01/08/14
  • Add Reference Code in header line
 8.31  10/01/13
  • Correct error in Returns Importing when unwanted items are imported
 8.30  01/18/13
  • Update Federal Reserve Holidays
 8.21  11/23/11
  • Removed validation check in NACHA Print/View routine - causing error when displaying file
 8.20  11/01/11
  • Add additional reporting options in Warehouse Control reports
  • Reversing a File routine - correct Loan Credit reversal
 8.12  10/01/11
  • Add additional charge options in Company Control setup
 8.11  01/01/11
  • Add additional validation to NACHA Print/View routine
  • Changed NACHA Print/View to require a Current Batch to be present
 8.10  11/17/10
  • Add automatic creation of Transmittal Register feature
 8.04  03/28/10
  • Add Bank Security Header insertion to Warehouse Export routine
 8.03  11/09/09
  • Add option to import NACHA files without a Line Feed character
 8.02  10/13/09
  • Modify Fixed Length Import routine to allow for net pay amounts in parenthesis (required for Quickbooks latest versions)
 8.01  09/04/09
  • Removed a programming break point inadvertly left in 8.00 Release
 8.00  07/07/09
  • Add IAT Service Entry Class (SEC) Code format for cross border payments
  • Add separate OFAC screening module (Module 'O') to support the IAT SEC code
  • Add near match capability to OFAC Screening (uses Levenshtein algorithm)
  • Add option to include Entry Detail info on Email Notices
 7.74  03/13/09
  • Correct error found in OFAC checking routine - "Unrecognized Command Verb in line 368"
  • Add Log for OFAC Srubbing - displays date/time and filename - includes names of possible matches
 7.73  11/05/08
  • Add option to allow Forwarding of Escrowed funds to a Savings Account - change effects Company Control Screen (looks for an 's' in front of the account number)
 7.72  07/28/08
  • Add option to identify account as a payroll account (effects Company Control screen only)
  • Add Batch Type to Warehouse Log listing
  • Modify Escrow Summary report (breaks out Payroll Column based on Batch Type)
  • Add option to omit charging for Off Setting entries in Company Control screen
 7.71  07/18/08
  • Add CheckBox on Company Control for matching Effective Dates on populated hold slots
  • Add matching of Effective Dates to Returns when Creating Forward File
 7.70  06/01/08
  • Add option to Mask all but the last 4 digits of the ID number (prevents SSN's from being passed though the ACH network
  • Correct error found in Expiring Passwords routine
  • Remove option to Create Offsetting Entry when only 1 Credit or Debit is found
  • Show UPDATE date in OFAC name listing
 7.66  05/08/08
  • Correct OFAC database for checking for new file download
 7.65  12/27/07
  • Allow 3 digits to be entered for the template position when importing a Fixed Length file
 7.64  08/15/07
  • Fix Display/Print ACH File when Bank Header record is included - initially added in Version 7.47
 7.63  06/08/07
  • Correct Reversing File routine to enter correct Service Class Code
 7.62  06/01/07
  • Omit charging fees for PF PAYROLL (Pre Funding of Payroll). Uses Omit FWD check box.
 7.61  05/23/07
  • Update routine that generates emails with reserved entry description
  • Fix error in Create Charge File routine
 7.60  05/01/07
  • Add reverse name lookup into OFAC database
  • Add option to omit charging for FORWARDED items in Create Charge routine
 7.58  04/25/07
  • Update ABM list for Mexico Cross Border banks
 7.57  03/22/07
  • Add USERS database to the backup/restore routine
  • Remove Admin menu option for Group Manager
  • Mask Password from displaying when creating a new user
  • Correct LIST display in Current Batch window
  • Added DELIMITED/NACHA parameter for Command Line Operation (CLO)
  • Default Effect Date to Today in CLO if "TODAY" is parameter instead of a date
 7.56  02/08/07
  • Change State Tax ID Number to show correctly in Addenda when creating 0115 State Tax Payments
  • Also include ABM database (added in Version 7.55) in distribution files
  • Correct having to delete USERS files when updating to 7.53 or greater
 7.55  02/05/07
  • Add Check Digit test for Mexico CLABE account numbers in Cross Border module
  • Add test to verify a correct ABM (Mexico ABA number) has been entered
 7.54  01/09/07
  • Change Message displayed during OFAC match to shorter version - prevents error if too long
  • Change Foreign Exchange Indicator to a 2 character field
 7.53  01/02/07
  • Correct error given when displaying version in Help/About
  • Add Expiring Password Option (If enabled, password expire after 30 days / Three invalid login attempts set password to expired / System Administrator Password does not expire)
 7.52  12/21/06
  • Fix error caused in Derive Return when counting active records
 7.51  12/01/06
  • Add sorting for "Stop Payment Date" field in Entries Screen
 7.50  11/16/06
  • Add Warehouse feature to hold debits when exporting payroll batches two days in advance of Effective Date
 7.48  11/10/06
  • Fix error in Create Charge routine of omitting Charge Log insertion when computed charge = minimum processing fee
 7.47  10/12/06
  • Fix Display/Print ACH File to work correctly when a Bank Header is included in the file
  • Correct Entry Detail screen to properly display more than 100 Active Entries
  • Add error checking on Derive Return Entry Screen
 7.46  08/16/06
  • Change Transaction Codes to '22' or '32' in Addenda Record ONLY for ENR entries
 7.45  08/14/06
  • Correct Transaction Codes for Automated Enrollments (ENR). Only allow '22' or '32'
 7.44  08/04/06
  • Fix problem with losing settings of import settings and export filenames
 7.43  07/27/06
  • Add filter button on Entries Screen to filter out inactive records
 7.42  06/21/06
  • Added New Jersey tax codes (03011/03012/03013)
 7.41  06/08/06
  • Add field for "Date Original Entry Returned" on Contested Dishonored Return Entry Screen
 7.40  05/11/06
  • Correct settings when adding MORE entries to preset Transaction Code settings
  • Correct displaying of Manual as a PDF file
 7.39  04/06/06
  • Add SPACE for Reserved Field (position 79 in addenda record) for Contested Dishonored Returns
  • Change NACHA Display/Print report to show ALL of addenda if NO mapping is selected
 7.38  03/22/06
  • Command Line operation caused error in converting amount to ACH format (no decimal)
  • Change SEC code for Automated Enrollment batch
  • Correct error when creating Civil Service type Automated Enrollments
 7.37  03/11/06
  • Change Password assignment to force length to be 8 characters. Also requires at least 4 characters (A-Z) and at least 2 numbers (0-9) - at least 2 special characters !@#$%^&*() can be used instead of (or in conjuction with) numbers
  • Add Version Number to first Help/About screen
 7.36  02/17/06
  • Erase *.FIX file if unable to display or print a file with the viewer AND you select to FIX any errors found
 7.35  02/09/06
  • Correct error given when importing delimited data with only ID, Name and Amount AND choosing UPDATE. This error is a result of change in Version 7.21
 7.34  02/07/06
  • Correct Cross Border batch creation to Always force a '1' in Addenda Indicator position
  • Correct Trace Number calculation when multiple items are included in an ENR batch
 7.33  01/22/06
  • Added option to Create a Reversing file from an existing ACH file
 7.32  12/08/05
  • Correct transaction code importing in Derive Returns module
 7.31  11/18/05
  • Correct F2 toggle of Active Status in Batch Maintenance LIST
  • Correct Dishonored Return Code in Addenda from inserting the 'R' in the file
  • Add Dishonored/Contested Dishonored Return translation on Display/Print ACH file
  • Remove CTX from Create Batch screen
  • Update Federal Reserve Holidays
  • Correct File Hash computation in ENR batches
 7.30  08/15/05
  • Add Cross Border payments (PBR/CBR Standard Entry Class)
  • Correct doubling of Item Fees in Create Charge File routing (caused by change in v6.53)
  • Correct error when choosing Derive Returns with a Batch Maintenance screen open
  • Correct error shown when multiple users are running the program and indexing Bank R/T database
  • Added Warning when creating an offsetting entry with just a single credit and debit in batch
  • Allow routing numbers to be entered without the check digit - check digit is filled automatically
  • Correct Service Class Code (SCC) when Derive Returns/NOC (match proper credit/debit transaction codes with SCC)
 7.23  07/26/05
  • Correct error in Derive Return detail record - Individual ID number was importing incorrectly
  • Added Standard Entry Class code to items imported in Derive Return table
 7.23  07/18/05
  • Correct error when importing multiply items within a batch to Derive Returns
  • Added check for allowing Derive Return access
  • * IMPORTANT * you will be assigned a new Company Setup for accessing the Derive Return feature

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