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Sunday, 19 May 2024
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FreedomWare Data Services provides turn-key ACH processing services for businesses and financial institutions. All you need is a computer with an internet connection. We offer extremely competitive pricing. Check out Electronic Check Processing (ECP) and see how you can reduce your overhead and increase your cash flow today.

Electronic Check Processing (ECP) is a service provided by FreedomWare Data Center to businesses wanting to simplify and reduce the cost associated with collecting payments from their customers. The service provides for an electronic payment to be debited from the customer's bank account and transferred to the business' bank account. The customer's account can be with a Bank, Credit Union or Savings & Loan located anywhere in the United States. A one-time authorization along with bank account information is all that is required from the customer. ECP is ideally suited for fixed payment amounts that are repetitive, however, varying amounts may be processed with customer notification. ECP includes computer software for the Business to use to capture and retain customer information including Name, Identification Number, Bank Routing/Transit Number, Bank Account Number and Amount. The software can extract all or part of this information from existing accounting software or be used in a stand-alone mode. Once the data is captured it is sent via the Internet using secure cryptology to FreedomWare Data Center for processing. Detailed reporting is provided in the program. Notices are sent via email for file acceptance and processing along with notification of changes and returns due to insufficient finds, changed account information, etc.


  • Multiple batches (data sets) can be easily maintained
  • Uses your existing Internet connection for file delivery to data center
  • Password Security and Data Encryption prevents unauthorized access
  • User defined fields and Stop Payment field for each entry
  • Audit trail for each batch created
  • All versions of Windows® supported
  • Powerful and flexible import module can accept data from any fixed length or comma delimited file. Also imports from other database and spreadsheet programs including Excel®
  • Unlimited toll-free support
  • Routing Number look-up and validation for all financial institutions


  • Microsoft Windows® 9x/2000/ME/NT/XP/Vista
  • Personal Computer with a Pentium class processor
  • Internet connection for file delivery
  • Hard disk space for program - 20MB (additional space required for data)

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