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Sunday, 19 May 2024
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Introduced in 1987 as one of the first PC-based products of its kind, PC-REACH® continues to offer the best value for providing ACH Origination to financial institutions and businesses. Moving money has never been easier. Download our demo and give us a call to try it before you buy it.

PC-REACH® has been enabling business and financial institutions to transfer money electronically since 1987. PC-REACH® is a versatile yet cost effective software program that gives bank customers the capability to make or collect electronic payments on their own Personal Computer. Information needs to be entered only once and the data is automatically converted to a NACHA formatted file that can be processed by any financial institution or third party offering ACH origination services.

Refer to the changelog for the latest feature additions and bugfixes.


  • Secure delivery of files between customer and bank via the Internet
  • Communications for dial-up modem or File Tranfer Protocol (FTP) is integrated in PC-REACH®
  • Password Security and 128 bit Data Encryption prevents unauthorized access
  • Automatically creates "offsetting" entries to balance files
  • Separate "ON-US" routing numbers from "Foreign" routing numbers for internal processing
  • Split Direct Deposit net pay into multiple accounts
  • Includes FED Holidays for Effective Date selection
  • User defined fields and Stop Payment field for each entry
  • Audit trail for each batch created
  • Supports multi-company or multi-bank operations
  • Prepare and edit batches for specific categories
  • All Versions of Windows supported


  • Powerful and flexible import module can accept data from any fixed length or comma delimited text file. Also imports from other database and spreadsheet programs including Excel®
  • Separate interface modules have been designed to import net pay amount from many popular PC Based Payroll Accounting Packages such as Quickbooks®
  • Warehousing module will keep Incoming/Outgoing ACH Items in an inventory file. Batches can be selected individually or by effective date for exporting. This module is very valuable for consolidation of individual batch files into a single file for cost savings of FED charges.
  • OFAC database checking for name matches
  • Routing Number look-up and validation for all financial institutions


  • Microsoft Windows® 98/2000/ME/NT/XP/Vista
  • Personal Computer with Pentium processor
  • Modem or Internet connection for file delivery
  • Hard disk space for program - 20MB (additional space required for data)

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