Sunday, 19 May 2024
Welcome to FreedomWare
FreedomWare Software Products was established in 1986 to provide custom software applications and computer training to local businesses. In 1987 FreedomWare was commissioned to create a banking application for a local bank. The application was to enable the bank's corporate customer to provide direct deposit payroll to its employees. It was this application that conceived our flagship product now know as PC-REACH.

FreedomWare currently provides banking software to approximately 200 financial institutions across the United States. We have installed sites in over 2500 locations.

In 1997 FreedomWare started a data processing division called FreedomWare Data Center (FDC). Its purpose is to provide electronic funds transfer (EFT) processing to companies wishing to utilize automatic bill payment/presentment and direct deposit services. This service provides a low-cost, turn-key solution to the company. The software is provided with no up front capital investment and the company can still maintain their existing banking relationship. Other services provided by FDC include backup processing for financial institutions as well as Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning.

FreedomWare has maintained an affiliate membership with the Mid-American Payment Exchange (MPX) organization since 1993.

FreedomWare's founder, Doug Griffith, has been developing software applications since 1980. A graduate from University of Missouri, Rolla in 1979, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. His corporate job experience includes working on the design development team for the Boeing 757/767 Commercial Airline flight computer (1980-1984, Phoenix, AZ). Computerized test equipment designer/programmer for Motorola's CRT Display manufacturing plant (1984-1986, Joplin, MO). Since 1986 he has developed numerous software applications for the following industries: financial, manufacturing, medical, telecommunications. He currently is certified as an ACH Accredited Professional (AAP) by the National Automated clearing House (NACHA).

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