Thursday, 18 July 2024
Welcome to FreedomWare
FreedomWare Software Products was established in 1986 to provide custom software applications and computer training to local businesses. In 1987 FreedomWare was commissioned to create a banking application for a local bank. The application was to enable the bank's corporate customer to provide direct deposit payroll to its employees. It was this application that conceived our flagship product now know as PC-REACH.

FreedomWare currently provides banking software to approximately 200 financial institutions across the United States. We have installed sites in over 2500 locations.

PC-REACH 8.34 Released

PC-REACH version 8.34 is now available for download.  This revision includes many new features.  Please update your copy to stay current.  Refer to the changelog for more information.

PC-ReACH is compatible with all versions of Windows through Windows XP/Vista/7 32 bit.  It will not run natively on a Windows 64 bit operating system.  To get around this, and future releases of WIndows, we offer NetREACH that runs in your Internet browser and does not depend on the operating system.  Contact our office for more information.

Visual ChecQuick Update 2Q2019
The 2nd Quarter 2019 Visual ChecQuick Updates are available for download to current subscribers.  Please contact our office if you are having trouble downloading.
NetREACH Now Available
NetREACH Advantages

Access your file from any compture connected to the Internet
Customers can access their file from any computer connected to the Internet
No software installation necessary - works with Internet browser installed
ACH files easily "Transmitted" to processing bank. No need to login to File Exchange (other upload options available)
Hosted solution means no worries over losing data

No reinstalls needed due to system crashes or computer upgrades
Easy conversion from PC-ReACH with available import.

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